The project “Knowledge against drugs”

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March 12, 2015
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May 16, 2015


The project “Knowledge against drugs” is realized by funds of the Commission of the Government of Montenegro for the allocation of revenue from Games of chance for 2015.The overall objective of the project is to give contribution to the prevention of drug-addiction of children in primary and secondary schools, reducing the number of drug users. It aims to improve the knowledge of pupils of primary and secondary schools on the subject, through the preparation and implementation of non-standard forms of education, but also the promotion of healthy lifestyles participation of citizens in project activities, which will improve the quality of life in the local community.The project will be realized in three months in Berane, Plav and Andrijevica.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1. Improved knowledge level of pupils of primary and secondary schools on substance abuse and the impact of drugs on health, through education, media campaigns and other activities related to raising awareness for a period of three months.

2. A sustainable model of public role in the prevention of addictions at the local level, for a period of three months.

The expected results are:

1.1 Prevention of substance abuse 500 pupils of primary and secondary schools through education

2.1 Raised awareness of 500 parents about the importance of prevention of substance abuse through education

2.2 Raised awareness of 1500 citizens on Addictions

The achievement of specific goals will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the areas covered by the project, but also facilitate the creation of contacts at different levels and sectors,encouraging cooperation in the fields of education and the fight against drug addiction. The project aims to create new cooperation mechanisms to constantly inform students and citizens on issues related to the fight against drug addiction, as well as better participation of citizens in this area.