project called up with a strong environmental Montenegro

The project “Knowledge against drugs”
March 18, 2015


NGOs from the North land, Berane finished project called up with a strong environmental Montenegro, which is supported by the Fund for active citizenship, through the program De Facto Strong, funded by the European Union.

The overall objective of the project:

With strong environmental to Montenegro was to strengthen the capacity of non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental issues in order to improve environmental quality in the local community, in the municipalities of Lim basin. The direct target groups of the project were environmental non-governmental organization recognized by the Project team at the very beginning of this project, representatives of electronic and print media, representatives of political parties participating in local parliaments and citizens of local communities targeted municipalities gravitating to the River Lim. Indirect target group are residents of the municipality of Plav, Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje, bearing in mind the fact that the realization of the planned activities ensure high visibility of the same.

The main activities were realized:

1. Creating a base of environmental NGOs northeast CG

2. Training for NGO – preparation and planning of projects, project cycle, mobilization of communities (including representatives of NGOs North Country)

3. Establishment of the Network of environmental NGO – formed Green Coalition

4. Mapping dumpsites in the municipalities of Plav, Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje and the preparation of the Report

5.Medijska campaign (radio advertising)

6.Akcije cleaning selected locations dumps next to Lima, in the municipalities covered by the project

7.Studijska visits

8. Organizacija School of ecological activism for representatives of NGOs, media and political parties

9. Arhus bus

10.Završna Conference

The expected results are realized:

1. Improved capacities of at least 5 non-governmental organizations in the area of advocacy,environmental protection and sustainable development organization, training, study visits and other activities.

2. Date contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the capacity of NGOs, media, political parties and citizens in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development through the organization of the School of ecological activism.

3. environmental quality organization cleaning action selected mapped dumps.

The project was implemented in the municipalities of Plav, Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje,for a period of six months, from March to September 2015.

School of Environmental Activism held

Visiting closed dump site in Vasove vode, completed a two-day School of ecological activism, organized by the NGO “North Land.”
Participants of School, representatives of NGOs, local parliamentary parties, local government bodies and educational institutions, with representatives from the Luka Berane, sent an appeal to the competent authority that it is necessary to speed up procedures related to the remediation of landfill and get down to concrete work in the field.

Participants of School, which was held in Aarhus center, had the chance to listen Aleksandar Perovic, director of the Ecological Movement ,, OZONE “, and to get more information about environmental activism, environmental civil actions and experiences of the organization, and also watch two documentaries ,,Between river and people” and ,, Godovi” by Mladen Ivanovic, who was an active participant in the discussion.

,, Having regard to the commitments of the Government of Montenegro, when remediation of Vasove vode is concerned, we believe that the dynamics of implementation of activities had to be much faster and that they have had to start concrete work in and out the recyclable materials from the site. Also, we believe that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism had to do much more in providing the necessary infrastructure for selective waste, especially when it comes to the household, as well as introducing subsidies for those citizens who want to properly dispose of waste. “- The message is a participant of the School of ecological activism.

Drazen Joksimovic, Vice President of the Youth Association of the SNP concluded: “Our young people should actively participate in the preservation of the environment, taking into account that these activities have long-term and sustainable impact. It can only be realized with such and similar activities in order to improve the quality of life of all our citizens.”