Urban cycling in Berane and Rožaje

Ceger in your hands!
January 12, 2022
Green route by the road
January 17, 2022

NGO “North Land” from Berane and NGO “Civic Youth Initiative” from Rozaje through the project “Berane and Rozaje – Urban Cycling Centers” will improve safety and security in traffic by establishing cycling as an important part of the sustainable transport model in the municipalities of Berane and Rozaje.
The focus will be on improving the level of knowledge of the citizens of Berane and Rozaje, and especially young people, on safe participation in traffic, through the promotion of cycling, public advocacy, and an educational campaign for a period of six months.
This project is supported by the Tourist Organization of Berane, which, like TO Rozaje, will be handed over to manage bicycles, helmets and bicycle parking, available free of charge to all citizens of Berane and Rozaje, and will greatly promote urban cycling, and safe traffic in those cities.
The project is funded by the Ministry of Capital Investments for 2021.