Training on rural development held

Farmers learn about climate change
September 3, 2019
September 8, 2019

A two-day training entitled “Rural Organizations and Farmers – Role in Rural Development” was held in Berane, organized by the NGO “North Land”.
The training was attended by 20 representatives of rural organizations as well as farmers. The following topics were covered through theory and practical work: Rural Development – Concept and Significance, Role of Civil Sector Organizations in Rural Development – Relationship Building and Positioning in the Local Community, Rural Vocabulary Skills and Bottom Up Approach, Rural Development and Sustainability, SWOT analysis, Negotiation and Public Advocacy and Lobbying, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Service Provision, Public Advocacy and Lobbying, “Big Players” in Rural Development and Rural Policy Measures in Montenegro, Balkans, EU.
The quality of the training was contributed by the trainer himself, Mr. Ratko Bataković, who, by using interactive methods of work, animated the participants and provoked quality discussions, as well as developed concrete ideas for advocacy campaigns in the field of rural development, which could come to life in the municipalities from which the participants came.
The training was realized through the project “Stronger Rural Community – More Developed Society”, implemented by the partnership of NGO “North Land” from Berane and NGO “Center for Rural Development” from Petnjica, and implemented through the CNVP project “Rural Development led by rural civil society organizations” “, which is funded by the European Union, a cofunded by Ministry of Public Administration.