Farmers learn about climate change

Journalists learn about climate change
August 26, 2019
Training on rural development held
September 8, 2019

NGO “North Land” organized training “Climate Change – A Challenge for Agriculture”.
Rita Barjaktarovic, a member of the Working Group on Negotiation Chapter 27, addressed present work of this Working Group and presented the European and Montenegrin climate change policy.
The impact of climate change on agriculture was discussed by spec. animal husbandry, Milutin Mićović.
During the Training, a film dedicated to climate change was presented and a brochure “Climate Change – A Challenge for Agriculture” was presented, too.
The training was organized through the project “Climate Change – Challenge of the Future”, funded through the project “Together for a Better Climate in Montenegro” and implemented with the financial support of the European Union and the Ministry of Public Administration.