The project “Little School of Hospitality”

Project “Capacity Building for Better Environment in Montenegro”
April 25, 2016
Donation of the US Embassy: Action In the village Lubnice
May 12, 2016

The project “Little School of Hospitality” is financed by the Employment Agency of Montenegro in the framework of professional rehabilitation and active policy of employment of persons with disabilities. Project is implemented by the Municipality of Berane and aims to contribute to the employment of people with disabilities, through the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills for efficient and successful performance in the field of culinary profession. Project partners are the secondary school “Vukadin Vukadinović”, then the NGO “Better future”, “Step hope” and “North Land.” Partner “Vukadin Vukadinović” will train people with disabilities to perform jobs and professions in the profession assistant cook. Upon completion of training, participants will, after the exam, receive a certificate for the performance of activities and occupations of the culinary profession. The projects give professional assistance to persons with disabilities in their education and training and the labor market. The value of the project “Little School of Hospitality” is € 39,721.20. Trained staff will be on completion of training be priority candidates for exercising the right to employment.