North Land donation to the Public utility company Berane

North Land and Public utility arranged four locations in the town
May 21, 2020
Local Environmental Protection Plan presented
June 18, 2020

The director of the NGO “North Land”, Marinko Barjaktarović, handed over a valuable donation to the company “Komunalno” d.o.o. Berane, in the form of 56 bins for selective waste disposal.
The goal of the activity was to include 28 households in the Berane municipality into the system of primary waste selection, in such a way that they receive two bins, of 120 l each, for the disposal of dry and wet fractions of waste.
The Director of the Organization pointed out that this activity gave a concrete contribution to the implementation of the State Waste Management Plan, as well as the Local Municipal Waste Management Plan for the Berane.
This was one in a series of joint activities of the North Land and the Public Utility Company, and on that occasion the Director of the PUC „Komunalno“, Savo Vučetić, invited all other interested citizens, entrepreneurs, institutions and the NGO sector to get involved in improving the environment in our town, too.