Jasikovac Memorial Park has been arranged

Local Environmental Protection Plan presented
June 18, 2020
A panel held in Petnjica
September 5, 2020

Representatives of the NGO “North Land” and the Public utility company “Komunalno” d.o.o. from Berane carried out the action of cleaning, arranging and setting up waste bins in the Jasikovac Memorial Park, which is the main picnic spot for the citizens of Berane.
In addition to arranging Jasikovac, bins have been placed at two other locations in the town, in agreement with the utility company.
We believe that with this joint action we have contributed to the positioning of our town, as a town that inherits the preservation and improvement of the environment, but also plans its development in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
This action was realized within the project “Let’s make Berane a town of sustainable development”, which is being implemented with the funds of the Municipality of Berane for 2019.