Do not burn agricultural waste!

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March 3, 2021
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June 6, 2021

Today, Berane farmers had the opportunity to be educated about the negative consequences of burning agricultural waste. The reason for the realization of this educational activity lies in the intention of the organizers, the NGO North Land, to point out this long term problem and thus contribute to solving it. Namely, in recent years we have witnessed more and more frequent fires during spring and autumn when arable land is being prepared for sowing in spring or after harvest in autumn. Although the health consequences of burning agricultural residues have not been fully investigated, it is an indisputable fact that even a relatively short exposure to such smoke can cause damage to human health. There is not much to be say about the impact on air quality, and thus on other segments of the environment, as well as material goods, having in mind the numerous forest fires in recent years. At the lecture, held by agriculture egineer, Milutin Mićović, there was also talk about how to prevent the burning of agricultural waste. It was pointed out that there are numerous ways to use harvest residues (collection, baling and further use in livestock, energy production, and composting), and that it is possible to apply shredding of crop residues for easier plowing on the plot (with quality and appropriate mechanization). Therefore, as the ultimate goal of changing this bad habit, we believe that it will reduce the negative impact of ignition on air quality, prevent possible fires and prevent potential damage, contribute to the protection of public health, and contribute to waste management and promotion of composting. The lecture was held through the project “We want clean air!” which is implemented by the NGO North Land from Berane. The project is funded by the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism for 2020.