The play “Birds beyond Borders” – a gift to the children of Berane

Project Knowledge and up to the green Berane
May 24, 2015
The project Smoking cigarettes is not my choice
March 28, 2016

NGO “North Land” has started implementation of the project “Knowledge and up to the green Berane”, which is funded by the Municipality of Berane. One of the first activities is a play for children performed by Mostar Youth Theatre “Birds beyond Borders”, which was performed on 19 November 2015, at the Cultural Center, starting at 11am.
The play is presented a day before the World Day of the Child, with the aim of the organizers to make Berane children happy.

The play was visited by pupils of three elementary schools in Berane, Primary School Vuk Karadzic Primary School Radomir Mitrovic and Primary School Vukasin Radunovic, participants of Radmila Nedic, gindergarten as well as users of services Day care center for children and adolescents with disorders and disabilities.