Round Table on “Youth and the Environment” held

Bins and benches placed on the street – promenade
November 22, 2018
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January 13, 2019

In Berane, a Round Table on “Youth and the Environment” was held at the Entrepreneurial Corner of the Panto Malisic Gymnasium, organized by NGO “North Land”.

This activity involved the establishment of a dialogue with young people, as well as mechanisms for developing and supporting youth activism at the local and regional level, with an emphasis on the environment.

The participants of the round table were representatives of the local self-government, Zoran Vesković and Marijeta Mojašević, from the Youth Office, Mervana Hadrović from the Aarhus Center in Berane, professors of the Gymnasium, Sanja Čukić Vešović and Marko Radojević and a large number of young people.

The aim of this round table was to find a model that would enable bigger participation of young people in the process of adopting local and state policies.

After an interactive discussion, it can be concluded that our town and the state will have a large number of young eco-activists in the future, and we hope a big number of eco-leaders.

This activity was realized through the project “Small School of Eco-Leadership”, which was supported by the Ministry of Sports with funds for 2018.