Held training of rural households composting

September 18, 2016
Round table in Berane dedicated to waste management
September 21, 2016

NGO “North Land” realized lectures and training for rural households engaged in tourism in villages Lubnice, in Berane, Konjuhe in Andrijevica and Vusanje, in Gusinje, on the topic of composting.
One of the goals of this action is the inclusion of households in the process of sustainable management of organic waste. Apart from the direct uses of composting, which is reducing the amount of waste to be disposed at some of the landfills, one of the benefits that is presented on the teaching and training is the use of the compost in food production in these households, i.e. the production of health food.
After successful presentations and training, it can be concluded that in ten households in the municipalities of Berane, Andrijevica and Gusinje strengthened capacity for waste management by establishing the practice of composting organic waste.
This action was carried out as part of the project Mobilization of rural communities in caring for their environment, which is funded by the Commission for Democracy of the US Embassy in Montenegro for 2016.