„Eco – school for Berane pupils“

ANNOUNCEMENT: Implementation of the project “Mobilization of rural communities in caring for their environment starts”
November 23, 2016
Meeting of Coalition 27 held In Berane 12.05.2017.
May 12, 2017

By visiting the NP Biogradska gora elementary school students of Radomir Mitrovic and Vukasin Radunovic schools realized Eco school in nature, organized by representatives of NGOs North Land, Berane. Eco Schools is an integral part of a project of this organization, called Healthy environment -healthy man, which was funded by the Municipality of Berane, funds for the year 2016.

The aim of this visit was to raise the level of environmental knowledge of students about the natural resources of their region. The emphasis was on the promotion of healthy lifestyles, promoting active living and appropriate sports.

Positive impressions of students and their professors suggest that this action was successful, and it takes a lot more of these and similar activities in order to improve our quality of life, but also the environment in which we live.