The Hoo Project: Owl and Other Wildlife Experiences
March 4, 2022
The project “Select, because you can do it!” started
August 15, 2022

Partner organizations, NGO “North Land” and NGO “Agrotourist Bureau – Berane”, have successfully implemented the project “Berane composts!”, which is funded by the Directorate for Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs for 2021.
Through our active participation in the implementation of activities related to the promotion of plant waste management through the procurement of nine composters for plant waste on farms, and active participation in their allocation and promotion of sustainable treatment of this type of waste, we have contributed to preventing the spread of pests, and it will be removed in a sustainable and safe manner. Data on assigned composters, in order to further monitor the processing of this type of waste will contribute to the establishment of a sustainable plant waste management system.
We believe that this system will eliminate the negative consequences for the environment, and will also enable farmers and other stakeholders to recognize their own roles in the system and learn ways to contribute to solving this problem, while creating their own well-being and profits ( compost). This will be made easier for them by the Manual prepared for that purpose.
Based on the analysis, the final evaluation made the following recommendations: project partners should continue to work on the promotion of best practices achieved under this project, and advocate for a broader consensus on the importance of primary selection of biodegradable waste and composting, in short over time, project partners should aim to spread the project idea to as many farms as possible, and finally, project partners should continue to work on primary selection of biodegradable waste and composting with this partner, or some other, because there are multiple benefits in the form of the exchange of knowledge, skills, ideas or best practices.