North Land supported the Action of cleaning Jasikovac
July 3, 2016
Donation of containers to Lubnice, Konjuhe and Vusanje
September 15, 2016

Representatives of the NGO “North Land” from Berane held training on “Project Cycle Management”. The training, in the presence of representatives of partner organizations, public and private sector, and citizens, was organized in the Small Hall of the Protection and Rescue Centre in Berane.

Participants got insight into the basic skills needed for successful preparation and writing of project proposals, for domestic and international funds. During the training, civil society organizations prepared eleven ideas (two of which were awarded at the November Week innovation in tourism in the Istog, Kosovo) and will try to secure funds for their realization. Participants gained knowledge to define the tools that are needed to analyze problems, define objectives, plan activities and expected results, sustainability and methodology.

The training was realized within the project “Implementation of innovation in entrepreneurship in the border region of Montenegro – Kosovo and Metohija”. The project implementator is Tourism Organisation of Berane, and a project was funded by the European Union Delegation to Montenegro.