Incentive for cattlemen

July 7, 2019
The project “Take care about the Environment, Because You Can Do It!”
August 11, 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in accordance with the Agrobudget for 2019, paid farmers a premium for milk processed on farms, for the period January – June.
The right to pay the premium for the first half of the year was exercised by 957 beneficiaries, who paid 555.7 thousand euros.
Of the total, the majority of support beneficiaries are from the northern region – 803 (83.91%), then from the central region – 152 (15.88%), while from the coastal region (0.21%). In Petnjica, 10 users received the right to payment, in the amount of € 9,030.95.
This measure provided support for new beneficiaries of support from the Ministry – producers of raw milk in areas where there was no organized purchase of raw milk, which is important for farmers.
Encouraging on-farm processing has helped producers to add value to their products, become more competitive, and generate more revenue from their work.
A very important effect of the measure is the introduction of milk producers and dairy producers into the food safety control system, thus benefiting both producers and consumers.
In addition to the introduction of a food safety control system, the procedure for implementing the measure will also provide more detailed information on the marketing of dairy products from Montenegrin farms.
We would like to remind that the support in the form of a premium of € 0.06 per liter of processed milk is given to producers who process raw milk on their farm from their own animals. The condition for exercising the right to the premium is that milk producers are not in the system of purchase of approved milk processing facilities, that they have three or more conditional milking heads, that they are registered in the Register of registered facilities in the Directorate for Food, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs and the Register of agricultural holdings Ministries of Agriculture and to submit documentation within the stipulated time. The premiums are paid only for quantities of processed milk in products placed on the market and whose product (sample) complies with the prescribed microbiological requirements. The application deadline for the second half of the year has expired.
But in this way, we urge all farmers who have not used this subsidy so far to prepare for the coming year and thus become more competitive and earn more income from their labor.
This announcement is part of a campaign implemented through the project “Stronger Rural Community – More Developed Society”, implemented through the partnership of the NGO “North Land” from Berane and the NGO “Center for Rural Development” from Petnjica. The project is being implemented through the CNVP project of the Rural Development Organization led by rural civil society organizations, funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Ministry of Public Administration.